Book Review: A Weed in the Church


Many books have been written recently about the decline of Christian America and the fact that the church is loosing 2/3 of it's young people. Ken Ham's book Already Gone (available at Vision Forum) was one of these book, documenting how many kids have left the church, and why they are leaving. Scott Brown's book looks at the situation and gives a call for Sola Scriptura (the doctrine that says Scripture alone is sufficient for all of life and practice)  in the realm of youth ministry. The young people are leaving the church - something needs to be done.

Mr. Brown catalogs what the Scriptures say concerning our approach to youth ministry, and gives many practical applications for these commands. He makes the case that our modern approach to young ministry (age-segregated programmatic youth groups) is not found any where in Scripture as having been commanded (and therefore we should search the Scriptures concerning this area and seeing what they do command) , that our current ideas of education comes from a pagan and evolutionary mindset, and that it is actually harming the modern youth instead of building them up in the Lord.

I really liked Mr. Brown books because 1) it didn't just states the problem but 2) actually gave a solution based of Scripture alone. The book was a very helpful one; very interesting and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding what the Scripture says about our approach to youth discipleship.

Thisbook is available from Vision Forum.

I also encourage you to visit Scott Brown's website: The National Center for Family Integrated Churches