Review: Abraham Lincoln: Friend or Foe of American Freedom

Lincoln: A Friend or Foe of FreedomTitle: Abraham Lincoln: Friend or Foe of American Freedom Author: Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Joseph A. Morris

This is a short 40 page publication of a debate between Thomas J. DiLorenzo and Joseph A. Morris from 2007. Thomas J. DoLorenzo contends that Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant and enemy of freedom who disregarded the constitution and destroyed the very Union he claimed to preserve. Joseph A. Morris recognizes that Abraham Lincoln was not perfect, nor is it befitting to elevate him to sainthood, yet Morris believes that the "nation" which Lincoln brought forth is the epitome of American freedom.

This book does an excellent job of illustrating the gravity of the debate over American freedom, as well as outlining the key points of tension between the two views of Lincoln and his legacy. I would recommend this book for anyone wishing to read a comparative outline of Abraham Lincoln's perspective on freedom.