Review: Lectures on the South

Lectures on the SouthTitle: Lectures on the South Author: Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft III

In order to fully grasp the consequences of ideas, especially those that have recently risen to prominence in our Godless, and entertainment riddled culture, we must recognize and understand the Religious aspect and cause of both the War Between the States and Reconstruction, i.e., Deconstruction.

Dr. Morecraft's correlation of the French Revolution and the War Between the States is simply breath taking. When you recognize that the War Between the States was not a mere battle over States Rights, Tariffs, or Slavery, but was at it's core both a religious and social revolution, where a Unitarian North was trying to eradicate and radically transform a Christian South, it is easier to see how America has consistently drifted away from the ideas of the Founding Fathers. Dr. Morecraft clearly demonstrates that "the War was fought by the South to preserve a Christian moral and social order, it was fought by the North to destroy that order."

Dr. Morecraft also delves into the life and thinking of one of the Greatest ministers in America, Robert L. Dabney. This man has been called a prophet and a Jeremiah, "because of his profound insight of current events of his day and foresight as to the results of these events upon future generations".

This book is a MUST READ for anyone looking to understand how America's Christian roots have eroded away, and how it was that the last great bulwark of Christianity vanished form the earth in 1865.