Hello, my name is Kevin Amundson, I am 21 years old living in Minnesota. I have been extremely blessed by God in that I have two absolutely wonderful sibling; my twin brother Kurtis, and my three years younger sister Koleesa. They both played a very key role in convincing me that this blog should be established for both the edification of our lives and the edification of others who are fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

Now before I describe the vision of this blog, I must first declare how absolutely thankful I am to God that He has given me both a Mother and Father whose primary goal in life is to Love the Lord with all their heart, mind, and soul! And I must also extol God's grace because He has given my parents the strength to raise my siblings and I in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Thank you so much Momma and Poppa for being a beautiful example of what the grace of God does in the life of a Christian, and thank you for dedicating your lives to raising me in a manner that causes me to seek after the truth of God's Word. I pray that God's hand of providence would bless you both with eternal riches which are worth far more than silver and gold for your service to Him.

As I type these words, I am brought to the realization that without a Biblical understanding of this world, there is no ultimate purpose in life, and without the fear of the one true God, all the prayer, sacrifices, rituals, and worship that are offered to a false gods are both in vain and entirely contrary to the decrees of God. In fact they are in complete rebellion to His very command to have no other god's before Him. It is the God of Scripture who commands our absolutely perfect devotion not because He would like to feel special, or merely because He is jealous, but it is because He is the very being that has given every single person on earth the breath of life. This truth, and the truth that He alone is RIGHTEOUS & HOLY gives Him the perfect right to demand our complete devotion.

With this in mind I will now proceed in laying out the vision of this blog. Hopefully I can accomplish this as briefly yet thoroughly as possible:

Glory to God
It is the primary purpose of this blog to bring Glory to God & His Son Jesus Christ, for that is the whole responsibilty and duty of man.

Edification of the Saints
It is our prayer that the resources offered on this blog would serve as tools to build up the body of Christ. You will find us very much adamant in our understanding of the Scriptures, but whether you ascribe to the same doctrine(s) as we ourselves do or not, we pray that your faith will be strengthened and a better understanding of God's word will result from your study.

Reach the Lost with the Gospel of Christ
Our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel(Mark 16:15)". The internet offers us a powerful resource that enables us to offer truth to those who seek it. Although this must not deter us from diligently seeking out the lost in day to day evangelism.

What you will (most likely) see on this Blog:

Exposition & Explication of Scripture
It is our goal to take a stand for the truth and sufficiency of God's word, and as is our Christian duty, we must teach the knowledge of God to those who are seeking it. While we are in no way Theologians on a level of accreditation, we are students of the Word of God that understand the importance of Theology and the principles that must be understood and applied in the life of anyone who professes the name of Christ. We shall endeavor to write posts that accurately illustrate the magnitude of God's truth in the application of Scripture to every believer. 

Articles that Relate to Books and Films
There are so many good books available to the Christian, but there are just as many harmful books. If we run across a particular book that has been a great resource to us we will provide a review on it, and likewise if we read a book that is a slander to the Word of God and we feel that it requires a rebuttal, we will give an honest critique on the book. We shall do likewise with films that we watch.

This is the adopted vision of this blog. May God's Word be a lamp to your feet, and a light to your path!

- Kevin, Kurtis, and Koleesa