Review: Robert Lewis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks

Robert Lewis Dabney Title: Robert Lewis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks Editor: Douglas W. Phillips This small book offers a brief look at some of Robert Lewis Dabney's keen intellect and wisdom. The book is compiled into four chapters which contain Dabney's view of Education, Politics, Family, as well as Feminism and Biblical Manhood. If anyone understood the destructive results of passivity it was Robert Lewis Dabney. He was a man who fought vehemently against all forms of progressivism, suffragettism, evolutionism, transcendentalism, and any other view which was contrary to the Scriptures.

The following insights are just a few of what Dabney recognized were the dangers which were at war against the church. When parents relinquish their duty to train and educate their children as commanded by Scripture, the state will take over their responsibility and consider the children as wards of the state. When men fail to stand on the Word of God and exercise godly authority and dominion, women will take their place and the Feminism which results will ultimately destroy the Biblical concept of marriage which safeguards the fabric of society.