Review: Iris: Trophy of Grace

IRISTitle: Iris: Trophy of Grace Author: Ron Owens

This book gives a beautiful example of God's sovereign grace and mercy in the life of Iris Blue. It demonstrates the truly remarkable transformation that occurs when a sinner encounters the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the impact that it can have on the world.

Ron Owens follows the life of Iris from a rebellious teenager, drug addict, convict, and prostitute, to her repentance from sin by finding saving faith in Jesus Christ. He shares her past solemnly, without all the gory details, but with enough information that you understand the lifestyle she was saved from. Iris notes that Owens was able to do this "in such a way that brings glory to Jesus and not to sin."

[F]or those who are reading this book and are living a wicked life right now, there is enough information for you to read between the lines and realize how far Jesus' forgiveness can reach. You know what I mean. And for those of you who can't really identify with the garbage I was in, you can still know that Jesus can reach you wherever you are, and, He can keep you free from going where I used to be. Amen? Amen! (pg. xv)

My favorite part of the entire book is Iris' conversion. Iris saw what she was before God, a truly wicked sinner, and she repented that day and put her faith in Jesus. She demonstrates the wondrous power of God's grace in salvation - she left her bar, her drugs, her whole lifestyle, and followed Christ, never looking back.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys salvation testimonies - this is a beautiful one!


  • Beautiful story of God's grace in the life of Iris Blue.
  • Solemn description of sin without the gory details.
  • Photos of the Blues in the back of the book.


  • None that I could find.