Review: Adventure of Missionary Heroism

Missionary HeroismTitle: Adventure of Missionary Heroism Author: John C. Lambert Editor: Joshua M. Wean For my birthday I got a number of books from Vision Forum; One of them being the book The Adventure of Missionary Heroism by John C. Lambert, Edited by Joshua M. Wean.

The Adventure of Missionary Heroism is a collection of Short Biographies in the lives of twenty-one different missionaries. Each missionary each has very different gifts. Some adventures and explorers, some theologians, some language professors, they all shared the common goal of spreading the Light of the Gospel to the heathen nations. The only true way of civilizing such people is through the gospel. Only telling them of the One True God, will make them give up their cannibalism, murders, and the like. It is truly amazing to see the work that the Lord does when he saves someone. He can take some of the most abased and uncivilized heathens and transform them into the most wonderful Christian people!

If you are interested in reading about the amazing work of Lord in the heathen nations and getting a brief overview of some remarkable men and women then you would enjoy this book. If you can not stand to hear of the gruesome deeds of heathens, then you will have to lay the book aside. But I would highly recommend this book to see what transformations we can see in our day that the Lord has done in the past and he continues to do today!


  • All true stories of adventure and heroism.
  • Very interesting for how God uses men and women.
  • Glorifies the work of God in the lives of men.