Manhood, Risk, and Dominion


The essence of manhood is forgotten in this generation. The nature of being a man, characteristics of leadership, and qualities of godliness are not being taken seriously today. Men have abandoned their God-given duties in every sphere of influence. They do not seek to disciple the future generations and they have no vision for expanding the kingdom of God. Their apathetic indifference has left them incompetent to face the many challenges in this generation.

Today we need men who are bold. Men who are engaged valiantly in the battle. We need capable and visionary men. Men who can see past the menial aspects of apathetic lifelessness to pursue goals and feats worth the effort of accomplishment. We need men to strive for bigger things than the latest sports scores and pop-star knowledge. Men in our age need to buck up. They need to play the part of a man of God who is called for greatness. Who has been given a commission. A man with a God-honoring mission will be a man pursuing great things.

Men need to be about great things—and not insignificant things. Things which have a dominion purpose and are intended to glorify God; to build the kingdom of Christ. Tasks which strive for such noble purposes are worthwhile. Such things we must pursue.

But worthwhile things are difficult to do. They must be fought for. Worthwhile things affect more than just ourselves. They take into account the future generations. Men must be visionary and purposeful in discipleship. They must aspire to encourage others. Men need to be about the things which further the gospel and domains of Jesus Christ. They must be about things that bring glory to God and which present to the world a living testimony of a man seizing his call as a steward of God—fulfilling his created purpose to properly and wisely mange all of creation which has been placed in subjectivity to him.

To do this men must be leaders. They must be able to lead through adversity. When the going gets tough, despite the numerous risks they face, men must persevere to prove their manhood and strengthen their character. Such trials are a necessary means of growth in the life of a Christian man.

It is for such purposes as these that the Hazardous Journeys Society was founded. For the advancement of the Kingdom and a call for noble and biblical manhood the society has commissioned teams of men to explore, research, and chronicle the many great and wonderful providences of God in every nation of the world. For far to long organizations such as the National Geographic Society have held the reigns to the cultural research of this world. They have promoted and discipled generations with an evolutionary and humanistic philosophy which interprets the world in a man-deifying way. They alone have addressed the relevant issues and questions of our world and Christians have stood by and let them do it. We have neglected this duty—a duty given to us in great commission—to teach all things which have been given us. It is time for godly men to rise up and address this aspect of cultural dominion. We must again become the responsible leaders in our culture and proclaim the majesty of our Lord. We must no longer follow the deceptions and trappings that the humanist ideology presents, but lead the charge to make the glory of the gospel known in all the world.

This is a great calling—a noble calling. This is a calling for real and genuine men.