Gov. Perry Shirks Responsibility on TSA Anti-Groping Bill

This interchange between Gov. Rick Perry and Wesley Strackbein concerning the TSA anti-groping bill took place on June 18 at the Republican Leadership Committee meeting in New Orleans during a public signing of Gov. Perry's book, Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington. Gov. Perry's tack that there is "not enough time left" in the special session for the TSA legislation is a complete abdication of responsibility on his part, as the bills put forward in the special session and the length of the session itself are his sole prerogative to determine. All he has to do is give the green light, and the TSA bill will come to the floor for a vote. Instead, Gov. Perry has chosen to sit idly by as TSA agents are daily accosting innocent men, woman, and children in airports across the Lone Star State.

It is not enough to be fed up. We must act. — Governor Perry, Fed Up

Will the real Rick Perry stand up?

Call Gov. Rick Perry's office and urge him to bring the TSA bill to the floor of the special session. (512) 463-2000