Edward A. Powell, Tithing and Dominion, pg.66

"God's Law is law in principle and, for this reason, cannot be set aside. If God were so disposed to set aside one principle of His Law, then He would not have sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sin. He simply would have set aside all of His Word rather than have His only begotten Son suffer for our legal justification. He would simply have justified us be negating His Word to us. But this He could not do because He would have also negated Himself since God's Word to man is God's Revelation of Himself. This is Why Christ is referred to as the Word of God Incarnate, for Jesus is God's personal revelation of Himself to man. God cannot deny His Word without denying Himself, and for this reason, in principle His Law or Word will be fulfilled in history (Matt 5:17-20)."