Film Review: The Widow's Might

The Widow's Might Title: The Widow's Might Director: John Moore

The Widow's Might is a modern, western music. The film tells the story of a widow who is threatened with loosing her home because of the high taxes on the property. A couple of young aspiring film makers decide to make a short film for a competition that outlines the widow's struggle.

The film is exceptionally high quality, filled with good comedy, wholesome values, and lots of nice songs. The morals of the film focus on taxes and government control, how the media is misleading, as well as standing up for your belief and sticking to them no matter what the cost.

The Widow's Might is a very revolutionary film on the basis that it is written completely about a homeschooling, Christian family. It also was made by a number of homeschool families, and was the first film of it's kind to make it into the theaters.

I would highly recommend this film for anyone. It's a very family friendly film; children will enjoy it just as much as the adults.

For more information of their film visit their website here.