Book Review: The Little Boy Down the Road

The Little Boy Down the Road The Little Boy Down the Road is a collection of essay's and short stories on the beauty of family. The Book is full of wonderful heart warming tales of children and parents. Tales of bravery and heroism, Multi-generational Faithfulness, baby naming, and so much more!

I lovely some of the stories of the importance of using life opportunities to communicate Biblical truths to children and family. Some of my favorite stories where of pets, the special bonds between owner and animal, how it molds the character and personality of a child.

The true life story it also contains of a father who took the??opportunity to write letters to his son during World War II. He wrote to him to direct him and guide him in life. Showing how taking the time out of life for your children can change generations to come.

Over all I loved and enjoyed the entire book! I highly recommend it! Available from Vision Forum.